Solaris 2.6 Apache & Jserv & mod_rewrite question

Solaris 2.6 Apache & Jserv & mod_rewrite question

Post by Giancarlo D'Uliss » Fri, 10 Mar 2000 04:00:00


I have installed apache and jserv on sun soloris 2.6.  Both Apache and JServ
are using a dedicated IP (not localhost).  JServ has 2 servlets that I need
to access.  Lets call them :
    servlet1 zone1/name1
    servlet2 zone2/name2

I want to be able to access servlet1 using say and sevlet2 using  So to get to each you would type:

The problem is I have enabled enabled mod_rewrite to remove the servlet zone
and name from the URL's and I can access the first URL but cannot set up
apache to tell it to use servlet2 for

Has anyone done this before?  I could not find this in any documentation.

Thanks in advance
Giancarlo D'Ulisse
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