error with netscape enterprise server on sun: help!!

error with netscape enterprise server on sun: help!!

Post by re.. » Thu, 27 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I am having some problems with the Netscape Enterprise Server on
a sun.
Every few days the Server brings up the following error messages:
[26/Feb/1997:14:33:01] catastrophe: for host trying to GET
/cgi-bin/wkurse.cgi, send-cgi reports: could not fork new process (Not enough space)

When I restart the web server everything is fine.
the file wkurse.cgi is a perl script

Anybody some idea?

I would appreciate your comments,
Andreas Resch
United Media GmbH


1. Question Regarding Netscape Enterprise Server on Sun Solaris

Does anyone know any details regarding the function of the KeepAliveTimeout
directive in the Netscape Enterprise Server for Sun Solaris?  The manual
only has one line which says that it specifies the maximum time that the
server will hold open a keepalive conneciton.

Also, is there anyway to control the number and frequency of the KeepAlive
messages being sent between the server and the client?  How often are these
messages sent?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Marshall Wang

Marshall J. Wang         ||  "No man can have everything he wants the way

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