Beta testers needed for log file analysis tool (Chartreuse Cartouche 2.0)

Beta testers needed for log file analysis tool (Chartreuse Cartouche 2.0)

Post by Greg Ferr » Sat, 30 Aug 1997 04:00:00


Version 2.0 of Chartreuse Cartouche is getting ready ship, and we need
beta testers.  Chartreuse Cartouche is a powerful tool for analyzing web
logs (and other logs).  Chartreuse Cartouche runs as a CGI program, and
generates graphical, hierarchical statistics pages in HTML, allowing easy
analysis of log files.

Some of Chartreuse Cartouche's many features:

  * Powerful, easy-to-use graphical CGI interface supports remote
    browsing of log statistics, and remote configuration,
    from any machine with a web browser.

  * Hierarchical HTML display breaks log information down on one
    or more fields, massively cross-referenced and cross-linked.

  * Fast processing engine reads small or moderate-sized log files
    fast enough to browse them real-time.

  * For larger log files, disk database feature allows real-time
    browsing of stats, and can be incrementally updated.

  * Extensive configuration option set allows full control over
    appearance of stats pages.

  * Log format description features allow processing of
    a wide variety of log files, including all HTTP access and
    referrer logs, ftp logs, and others.

  * Runs on all all major platforms (Macintosh, Windows NT,
    Digital UNIX, Solaris, Linux, HP/UX, AIX, others).

For an idea of how Chartreuse Cartouche 2.0 output looks, see Chartreuse
Cartouche 1.0:

Chartreuse Cartouche 2.0's output has improved since 1.0, but the core
concepts are similar.

As a beta tester, you will have the opportunity to help refine this
cutting-edge tool.  We really listen to our beta testers; if you have a
feature suggestion, we will almost certainly implement it.   For
information on being a beta tester, please send mail to

Note: to run Chartreuse Cartouche, you will need to have access to a web
browser, and web server which supports CGI.


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