Apache and DEC Unix 3.2?

Apache and DEC Unix 3.2?

Post by Don Berrym » Wed, 11 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Is any one using Apache on a Dec Alpha running Dec Unix 3.2?  I did
check the Apache WWW site but this was not listed.

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1. How to add a DAT tape to Dec Unix 3.2 or 4.0


I have an HP brand DDS (2/4 GB) tape that has been on an HP 9000.

I want to move this to a DEC alpha running 3.2 or 4.0 unix
whichever is easier.  I hooked it up to a 3.2 alpha and I can
"see" it from the boot monitor and from the scu utility.

However I do not have any device files for this.  When I've added
devices to a solaris machine I have done a "boot -r" and the device
files are automatically created.  

How do I create the device files for DEC Unix?  

Is the fact that this is a HP brand drive a show stopper?




John J. Paliotta
401-295-5855  ext. 111


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