Help Using Perl Scripts

Help Using Perl Scripts

Post by Joshua Micah Marsha » Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:00:00

When I try to place scripts on a Unix server I cotinually get these ^M characters.  At
first I thought that this was only when I authored them on my PC. But it seems to happen
whenever I download them from a script library.  Anything that goes through my PC gets
these ^M (line breaks).  For a while I was just using vi to click them out.  But now
I am trying to use for instance L.Stein's CGI.PM and its just too long for me to hobble
my way through the document taking out these line-breaks.  Does anyone beside me have
these problems?  There seems to be no way around it but none of the books that I read
seem to mention this, even as an inconvenience.  

P.S. Please respond to my E-Mail account if possible.

Joshua Micah Marshall


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        if 0;
[perl scripts ...]
sh script
perl script

How do I execute a sh script under either shell or Perl
simililar to what shown above?

Michael Wang    

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