Slow access to virtual servers using Apache 1.0 and vif.c

1. Apache Server and VIF: is VIF needed on FreeBSD?

Thanks to all who helped me make the decision to use apache, as opposed to
CERN for httpd.  Seems like Apache will work better for many features,
including virtual domain names.

There is mention of the Virtual InterFace, and adding this psuedo device to
the kernel, to do ip aliasing--more than one ip address on the same card.  The
talk, from John Ioannidis, is about performing this on a SunOS 4.1.x machine.

I have also seen some stuff bantered around this group about how to accomplish
this on FreeBSD.  It is my desire not to recompile the kernel, adding support
for VIF, if I can possibly avoid it.  Is there a better way to perform ip
aliasing on FreeBSD (2.1)?


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