Mapping images

Mapping images

Post by Paul Schall » Sun, 24 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I am running a server, httpd 1.4.2, under Unix and need
to know where do I place the image files?  I see no
image directory or a path showing how to get to them
when they are listed in a html document.

I have a basic page and I am adding a few .gif images
but they don't show in the doc under the browser because
I think it can't find them.  So where do I place all my
images and where and how do I reference them in the
srm.conf file?

Thanks much,


1. map image server


I would like to efficiently display maps on our web server. I was
wondering if anyone knows of freeware that:

1. allows large images such as maps to be compressed so they can be
viewed relatively quickly.

2. allows users to pan and zoom the maps using the mouse.

I have been to the EarthEtc website ( and they
offer a client plugin with their server to pan and zoom into maps. But
surely something is also needed on the server side to make this
possible, as their download only works with maps displayed by their

They also use a compression technique from ERMapper called ECW. However,
I would prefer open source freeware, if possible something that works
directly with Apache on a Unix platform.

Anyone knows where I could find something - preferably freeware - that
does all of the above?



Dr Hugo Bouckaert
R&D Support Engineer, Fractal Graphics
39 Fairway, Nedlands Western Australia 6009
Tel: +618 9386 7917


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