Apache 1.3.22 Virtual Server Problems

Apache 1.3.22 Virtual Server Problems

Post by Michael Gask » Fri, 01 Feb 2002 11:57:17

Howdy all!

I'm stumped... When I do a:

./httpd -S I get:

VirtualHost configuration:
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80    is a NameVirtualHost
                      default default server xxx.xxx.xxx
                      port 80 namevhost default (/usr...xxxxx:xxxx)
                      port 80 namevhost xxx.xxxxxxx.xxx
                      port 80 namevhost xxx.xxxx.xxx
                      port 80 namevhost xxx.xxxxxx.xxx

All the right domain names are in the list above. I can resolve the
names exactly as they are above.  I've created a NameVirtualHost that
resolves to the correct IP address. (box has a virutal IP as well)...
I tried listen:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80, bindaddress, port, etc. to the same
IP address... (only using LISTEN now)

Problem: sometimes the third entry in the list doesn't come back
correct.  I've created the default to go to a directory with a plain
simple index.html saying I suck and the domain name doesn't work...
What's wierd is that it works the first time and when I hit refresh it
goes to the I suck page again...

I'm stumped... Don't know what else to check... Any help would be
appericate so I don't have to keep looking at the I SUCK page. :)

Michael Gaskin


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