"method without URI" errors for Netscape Enterprise Server

"method without URI" errors for Netscape Enterprise Server

Post by Wolfgang Nejd » Fri, 25 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I get a lot of the following error messages in my error log (for
different hosts):

[24/Oct/1996:17:39:03] warning: for host cip1-18.cip1.uni-hannover.de, handle-request reports: method without URI

Does anybody know, what that means?


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1. Netscape Enterprise Server: filtering ".." & "//"

I posted this a few days ago and received no answers. so perhaps it
never left out site, so I am posting this again. My apologies if you see
this twice.  :-)

We installed the Netscape Enterprise server and to our horror,
discovered that the server filtered out all URLs that had within them
either ".." or "//". Now there is a directive in the file obj.conf
        PathCheck fn="unix-uri-clean"

that if removed from this file will allow URLs with ".." & "//" to be
serviced. But again to our horror, the server then had no problem
allowing users to go above document root!! We had previously used the
NCSA server and this server allowed ".." & "//" but also stopped any
requests above document root. So, is there any way we can get the
Enterprise server to allow ".." & "//" but not allow any request above
document root? Do I have to write a plug in? If so, does anyone have any
example code I may reuse or at least look at?

  David Dymm

  304 284-9000

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