Repost: Problems with Apache and PHP - first post went awry

Repost: Problems with Apache and PHP - first post went awry

Post by Xenomor » Tue, 14 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have tried with the newest versions of Apache and PHP. I have tried
with the versions that came with the book "Core PHP Programming" (I am
using the instructions from the book to compile). I have tried using
Slackware 4.0 and Mandrake 6.0, and I always get the same result.

Apache 1.3.9      (tried 1.3.3 with PHP3)
Mysql  3.22.25
PHP4   0b2        (tried PHP3 once)

I untar Mysql, PHP, and Apache in /usr/local.

Run configure, make, and make install on Mysql.

I do './configure --prefix=/www'   for Apache

Then  './configure --with-mysql --with-apache=../apache_1.3.x --enable-
track-vars' (where x = version number), make, make install    for PHP4
(tried PHP3 once too).

Followed by  './configure --prefix=/www --activate-
module=src/modules/phpx/libmodphpx.a' (where x is version), make. (for

I get several errors running make. The first is Apache can't find some
.h files related to PHP. I copy those files to the Apache PHP4
modules directory then run make again. More errors related to .h files.
This time it is looking for zend*.h, config.unix.h, and modules.h files
that are in PHP's libzend directory. Move those to the Apache PHP4 module
directory and run make again. This time I get the following errors:

modules.o (.data+0x48): undefined reference to modphp4_module
modules.o (.data+0x98): undefined reference to modphp4_module

I looked through the link messages and verified (as far as I can tell
anyway) all the libraries in question do exist where the linker is
looking for them. Is modphp4_module imbedded in another file, because I
have been unable to find it? Any help will be greatly appreciated (before
I suffer from self-induced baldness :)

Thanks in advance.


Repost: Problems with Apache and PHP - first post went awry

Post by Bruce R Mill » Wed, 15 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Quote:> I have tried with the newest versions of Apache and PHP.

I haven't tried php4, yet, but a lot of problems I had with not finding
headers, libraries etc. seemed to be resolved when I used the apx approach
to configuring apache to use php.  It also seems that the PHP folks are trying
to steer us in that direction...

Something along the lines of

cd $apachedir
./configure --enable-shared=max [...]
make install

cd $phpdir
./configure --with-apxs=wherever/bin/apxs [...]
make install



1. Apache w/ PHP and SSL: w/ PHP OK - w/out PHP NOK


        I've been assigned the task of building an Apache server with
support for Sybase, PHP4, OpenSSL 0.9.6/mod_ssl ?, and apache 1.3.14.

I followed Israel Denis Jr/Eugene Otto's "The Soothingly Seamless
Setup of Apache, SSL, MySQL, and PHP" at DevShed, but compilation of
apache fails if I add PHP.  The same procedure w/out PHP works OK
(either port 80 or port 443.) As a non-developper, I'm totally in the

[/home/samba/temp/Apache/apache_1.3.14]# SSL_BASE=../openssl-0.9.6
/configure --enable-module=ssl
--activate-module=src/modules/php4/libphp4.a --enable-module=php4

Configuring for Apache, Version 1.3.14
-L/home/samba/temp/Apache/openssl-0.9.6  -o helpers/dummy
helpers/dummy.c   -rdynamic -Lmodules/php4 -L../modules/php4
-L../../modules/php4 -lmodphp4  -lpam  -ldl -lresolv -lm -ldl -lcrypt
-lnsl  -lresolv   -lm -lcrypt  -lssl -lcrypto
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lmodphp4
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [dummy] Error 1

Any idea?


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