Netscape Enterprise SSI / Include Virtual?

Netscape Enterprise SSI / Include Virtual?

Post by Matt Mow » Thu, 07 Jan 1999 04:00:00


Our contractors have supplied us with some scripts to be invoked via SSI
and they are using an "include virtual" directive.  This seems to be
causing a problem "Error processing directive." (We don't get an error
using the "exec cgi" directive)  I cannot find any mention of the
directive in the server documentation.

Can anyone tell me whether Netscape Enterprise v2 or v3 should support
the "include virtual" directive?

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Using apache's server-side includes, is there a way to have a document
include a 'master' template which in turn includes some other files
that are located relative to the original document, not the other
inclusion?  The idea here is to be able to add the same header to
a large number of documents but make them appear with navigation
aids that relate to their file system location.  It looks like
includes are always processed relative to the currently active location
so to make the scheme work a copy of the master template will have
to be in each subdirectory instead of having only one at an absolute

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