Frontpage + non-IP virtual hosts

Frontpage + non-IP virtual hosts

Post by Pete Phili » Wed, 12 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone used MS Frontpage successfully with virtual hosts based on
HTTP 1.1 rather than multiple IP addresses?

It works OK with virtual hosts with IP addresses but returns HTTP error 501
when used with a non-IP host. Snooping the HTTP conversation reveals that
no Host: tag is sent with the requests so this is not really surprising!

I'm using Frontpage 1.1 and Apache 1.1.3. Does Frontpage 97 support
HTTP 1.1? I saw no mention of it at



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We have FrontPage extensions on a Unix server running BSD 2.1.  We have
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The problem is when a customer leaves, we are left with their account.
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It's Apache 1.0.5 by the way

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