How to setup http entry on RISC 6000

How to setup http entry on RISC 6000

Post by bin le » Sun, 16 Nov 1997 04:00:00


I'm currently working on  a RISC 6000 system.  This server has both IP
address and internet address.  Users can get into server by using telnet
or ftp client. How can I setup a http entry so user can also get into
the server by using the netscape.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



1. How to setup TCP/IP on RISC/6000

I am trying to setup TCP/IP setup on an IBM RISC/6000 model 570 server
machine for a PC to dial-in to this system.The is running on Windows 3.1
and has TNVT dialer software with a PCMCIA fax modem card built in.

The PC can successfully dial in to the 570 server's modem as on both sides
the 'ON-LINE' message comes up.But when I try to 'Ping' between the two
sides they just go into a 'hang' state.I suspect my TCP/IP setup on the 570
server is not properly done.I am looking for s step by step guide if
possible.Any advice will be appreciated.Thank you.



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