Error make'ing Appache; Undef'ed symbol '_crypt'...

Error make'ing Appache; Undef'ed symbol '_crypt'...

Post by Michael J Pelleti » Sat, 19 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Could someone please help me...This is probable a simple fix (I hope). I tryed to make the package and I get and error
$ make
gcc -c -O2 -m486 alloc.c
gcc -c -O2 -m486 http_main.c
gcc -c -O2 -m486 http_core.c
gcc -c -O2 -m486 util.c
gcc -c -O2 -m486 util_script.c
gcc -c -O2 -m486 buff.c
gcc -c -O2 -m486 util_md5.c
gcc -c -O2 -m486 explain.c
gcc   -o httpd alloc.o http_main.o http_core.o http_config.o http_request.o  http_log.o http_protocol.o rfc1413.o
util.o util_script.o modules.o buff.o md5c.o util_md5.o explain.o http_bprintf.o mod_mime.o  mod_access.o  mod_auth.o
mod_negotiation.o  mod_include.o  mod_dir.o  mod_cgi.o  mod_userdir.o  mod_alias.o  mod_env.o  mod_log_common.o
mod_asis.o  mod_imap.o  mod_actions.o  
mod_auth.o: Undefined symbol `_crypt' referenced from text segment
*** Error code 1



What am I doiing wrong?  I uncommented support for FreeBSD...

        please help!

        Michael Pelletier