Subdomains on Apache

Subdomains on Apache

Post by Jim » Fri, 12 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I had heard that it was possible to create virtual sub level domains on the
Apache web server with cgi. In other words, I could create, using a virtual server provider. I do have all
access to my *.conf files, if that makes a difference.

Has anyone heard of this or know where further info could be found?



1. ServerName without any subdomain listed matches all subdomains

Hi all,

In Apache (2.0.40) VirtualHost configuration it appears a ServerName of
the form will match any subdomain as well! (like And it will match this entry even if I place the
non-subdomain entry at the end of the configuration file.

Is there a way to specify a ServerName in VirtualHost that is only
supposed to be accessed when no subdomain has been specifed?


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