Solaris/Intel apache/MySQL/PHP memory leak?

Solaris/Intel apache/MySQL/PHP memory leak?

Post by Bill Lubanovi » Thu, 22 Jun 2000 04:00:00

We have a memory leak in a new installation, and I'm wondering if anyone
else has run into this.

web server:
        apache 1.3.12
        mod_auth_mysql 2.20
        php 3.0.16
        mysql 3.22.27 client libs
database server:
        mysql 3.22.27

The db machine is just ducky, but on the web server each apache child
starts at about 2MB and leaks memory constantly, swapping increases, the
load average spikes, the Nazgul walk the earth ...

We've bumped up MySQL queues and buffers, limited apache process life,
etc., but nothing has been effective yet.  The problem increases with
visitors and database access.  We're rebuilding with PHP4 to see if it
helps.  Any leads?

Bill Lubanovic
Mad Scheme
"Knock knock who?"


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