SNMP for Apache anyone?

SNMP for Apache anyone?

Post by Lars Thegle » Sat, 07 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi everyone,

Is anybody working on SNMP for the Apache server?



1. Error in loading the SNMP mibs for apache snmp module

I was trying to load the mibs supported by Apache snmp module, but failed to
load the following mibs into my MIB browser.I got the mibs from web page.Do I to have make some changes to these MIBS.

1) scoreboard-mib.txt:
It is giving me error at the lines shown below with >>>>

       LAST-UPDATED "200004040000Z"
       ORGANIZATION "Harrie hazewinkel"
               "Harrie Hazewinkel

               "The Scoreboard MIB module.
Application specific managed objects for
the Apache HTTP-server scoreboard.
This is a "

scoreBoardStatus OBJECT-TYPE
 >>>>>>>>>    SYNTAX          ApacheServerStatusType
              MAX-ACCESS      read-only
             STATUS          current
               "The status of the server."
       ::= { scoreBoardEntry 3 }

Here ApacheServerStatusType is defined no where in the scoreboard-mib

2) config-mib.txt
Error at:

       LAST-UPDATED "200004040000Z"
       ORGANIZATION "Harrie hazewinkel"
               "Harrie Hazewinkel

               "The Apache Configuration MIB module.
This module contains application specific managed
objects taht can be used for configuring the
Apache HTTP-server."

Did anyone came across this problem.


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