apache, CGI & forms... Part II

apache, CGI & forms... Part II

Post by Enzo Tantimonac » Wed, 29 May 1996 04:00:00


> I would say that you need to check with your system admin concerning
> where to place cgi script.  Usually, for security, it needs to be
> placed in the cgi-bin directory when a post method is called for.

> If you have a local cgi-bin and it doesn't work, then the server needs
> to be configured to work with it by using ScriptAlias in your
> access.conf file.

Now, after i commented the line:
#AddType application/x-httpd-cgi .cgi
the error message has changed...
What I get now is:
Method not Implemented
POST to /checklist/chklst.cgi not supported (/checklist is the path of my
cgi script).
What must I change in my .conf files?




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1. Apache, cgi forms, cgi programs - issues - restart resolves issue??

This is a very strange occurance.

Running Apache 1.3.26 or other versions (tried several)
Sun Ultra 2 w/1536 meg
Solaris 8

Same issue on other machines running similar configs

We are running several web servers on this box.
Maybe about 25 total. We also use a shopping cart program
written in cgi. Our email form scripts are written in cgi.
Ok, here is the weird and strange happenings we are running into.

Error log reports malformed headers when a form is submitted
while this is happening.

Every so often the shopping cart program will not allow
you to "view the next 25 items". Clicking that button just brings them
back to the shopping carts home page.
When this happens with the cgi forms, submitting the form
returns an error as if their is a field missing and there are not any
missing or empty fields.

Now if I "./apachectl restart", both of the above seems to work fine.
Then a couple hours, sometimes a day, sometimes a few days or even a week later
it happens again. We never know unless a client calls about the form
not working.

I'm thinking there may be some sort of process that gets killed.
Any ideas on what that process would be?
Any way to monitor the system to find out what process that would
be or what is happening to it?

I am lost with this issue.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


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