ns 3.0, error on 'HEAD /'-request

ns 3.0, error on 'HEAD /'-request

Post by Jan Holtkam » Sat, 14 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Anyone know why netscape webserver 3.0 keeps writing entries in the
on a 'HEAD / HTTP/1.0'-request

The access log says "req" 500 305

The errors log say "req" config: for host x.y.z.a trying to HEAD /,
send-error reports: missing parameter (path)

Do I have to change config? Is it a feauture/bug?

Any response appreciated


1. Does 'cacheing only' NS need roo-NS hints?

I'm thinking about setting up a cacheing only nameserver using named.
I'm on dialup PPP, and have access to a nameserver at my university.

The question is:
In the book by Olaf Kirch I read (or misread?), that even if named
was chacheing only, it would still need the root nameserver hints,
which should be updated periodically by downloading the database.
Do I really need to go through that hassle? I only want the thing to
build a local cache, and to turn to the universiy's NS for anything
that's not in there.

I'm quite sure this is something about 'forward', but I couldn't find
out whether I will mess up anything if I don't provide the hints.



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