Macromedia Director MIME Problem with Enterprise Server...

Macromedia Director MIME Problem with Enterprise Server...

Post by Everett Done » Fri, 03 Apr 1998 04:00:00


I have Enterprise server 3.01 installed on a AlphaServer running Digital UNIX
4.0D. I'm having a problem where Macromedia director embeds are showing up as
text/html files -- on pages where .dir files appear, I'm seeing the broken
plugin icon, and when I click to get the plugin, it tells me that the file
type is text/html rather than .dir or x-director. I do have that particular
MIME type in the mime.types file but nothing seems to do the trick. Any
thoughts on what is wrong or what I may be doing incorrectly,




Everett L. Doner
Associate SysManager; Webmaster
Oberlin College
(440) 775-6561



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Please mail me (or cc) instead of post the reply to the newsgroup. I have
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