Redirection + alert messages

Redirection + alert messages

Post by Miyoung Ki » Fri, 18 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I wrote Apache API with C for my personal authentication.
the part of source code as follows.
if(not yet authenticated)
   strcpy(r->uri, "");
   ap_table_setn(r->headers_out, "Location", r->uri);
   return REDIRECT;


When it's redirected above URL, I want to display "You don't log on yet,
please log on first" like javascript alert message window or just small
window browser, of course it's HTML document .
Anyway, no matter what method, I want our users to see that message.

Is there any idear about this ?
Thank you.

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Hi everyone,

I have written a program that I call from a shell script which is
placed in /etc/rc2.d . This script calls another script which loads a
driver using the add_drv command. This is on Solaris 8.

Thing is, the driver is evaluation only - that's ok I am using it for
a really really basic function - it's just it prints a "please
register/purchase me" to the screen at boot:

"drvr: [ID 513294 kern.notice] Driver: This is an unregistered copy.
The driver will work for the next 60 minutes. To register please

I thought in the calling script, I could just redirect output to
/dev/null yet this doesn't work. What is the driver writing to on
load? Is it the standard output? Is there a way to just
ignore/redirect this message so that at boot it is not displayed?

Can I do it by mucking around with syslog.conf? Although I would still
like to log kern.notice messages...

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