Server Error:malformed header from script..Apache

Server Error:malformed header from script..Apache

Post by Rob Hartil » Wed, 28 Feb 1996 04:00:00

>   I am running version 1.0.3 of the Apache server on Linux using
> kernel 1.3.20.I have tried using lwgate,wwwboard,and mailmerge perl
> scripts for cgi  and all return the same value of..malformed header in
> script in the error log.I have checked the syntax of the
> scripts..although Im not a programmer and it seem to be sending the
> content type correctly.Any sugestions??

Try this patch. It should dump some more information into the error

ps, the "b" in 1.1b0 stands for "b"ugs. don't grab it unless you can
server meltdowns.


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Trying to get simple cgi to work...

I've written a simple shell script to output some basic html, but when I run
it I get this error message in the error log:

  malformed header from script. Bad header=<HTML>

I've looked in the FAQ and it's helpful in the sense that it states:
"the server was expecting a complete set of HTTP headers (one or more followed
by a blank line), and didn't get them."

Unfortunately, I don't know what an http header is or looks like, and the
Apache documentation isn't helpful in this respect. My shell script simply
wrties to stdout:

<title> a title </title>
some text


I've added a "ScriptLog logs/cgi_log" entry to the httpd.conf file, but there's
no output there (yes I've restarted the server). I've even touched the file so
that it exists (with the same permissions as the other log files) but no joy.

crashes when I open this newsgroup.


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