Problem getting server side includes working on Apache

Problem getting server side includes working on Apache

Post by Marshall Dudle » Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I have been unable to get server side includes working on Apache.

I verified that the options "Includes" and "ExecCGI" are both in the
access.conf file. I also deleted the IncludesNoExec from the options.

When I rebooted and tried to run an .shtml file, Netscape gave me a
unknown type and asked if I wanted to write the .shtml file to the
disk.  I went into the srm.conf file and changed the addtype from the
defalut of text.x-server-parsed-html to text/html and that fixed that.  

When I add the "AddHandler server-parsed .shtml" line that Apacheweek
says I need to the srm.conf file I get an error that it is an invalid
command upon boot-up and Apache will not work at all.

At this point I get no error messages, but it still doesn't work.  Even
a simple <!--#exec cmd="ls -l" --> seems to be ignored, but a <!--#echo
var="LAST_MODIFIED" --> works, even before I made most of the changes.

Any help would be appreciated



1. Problem getting Server Side Include to work on IBM HTTP Server (Apache Build).

Hi all,

How do I debug a SSI HTML page? How do I know if my server is executing
mySSI? I have done the following according to the documentation.

1) I have check the httpd.conf file, the following settings are set
# To use server-parsed HTML files
AddType text/html .shtml
AddHandler server-parsed .shtml

2) My SHTML  file (place in /usr/HTTPServer/htdocs) is as follow:
<TITLE>Date Test</TITLE>
The date is:
<!--#exec cmd = "date" -->

-- the file has the x-bit set for all groups

With 1) and 2) I still could not get it to work. So a .htaccess file is
place in /usr/HTTPServer/htdocs

3) The content of the .htaccess file is as follows:
<Directory "/usr/HTTPServer/htdocs">
Options +ExecCGI

With 1), 2) and 3) the SHTML still does not work the way I want it to be.
Did I miss out anything in the configurations or code, anybody has similar
experience before? Please help.

More details
The line '<!--#exec cmd = "date" -->' can be seen in the page source, and
there is no error message. "date" is the unix command to display the current
date. Does that implies that the IBM HTTP Server (Apache build) is not
parsing the shtml page at all?

Actually I am trying to insert a dynamic table into a static web page by
using Server Side Include to call a Perl program. The Perl program work fine
on its own, but nothing happens when I call it through SSI. Which is why I
am using the date command to troubleshoot the problem.

Does anyone has the similar problem before?

Actually I also notice that my Perl program does not display image file at
all, even if I have this statement in the Perl program print "Content-type:

Thank you,
Keng Boon

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