server with load limiting (CPU and/or bandwidth)

server with load limiting (CPU and/or bandwidth)

Post by Jef Poskanz » Fri, 09 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I've been looking over the docs and it looks like neither NCSA 1.4.1
nor Apache has a load limiting feature.  By this I mean a way to
set a maximum number of hits/minute or bytes/minute for specified
URLs.  If there's a way to do this that I'm missing, please let me
know.  Otherwise, I'd like to talk to folks on the Apache team about
adding this feature.  I also have a chroot() patch that might be nice
to add.  Send me some mail if you're interested?

                      It's not pretty being easy.


1. limiting total server bandwidth.

We colocate and host dedicated servers. I need to find a module for
apache 1.3.x that will limit the overall bandwidth for that server. I
need to cut the available bandwidth of a site to 128Kbps.
 The modules that I have found (i.e. mod_throttle, mod_bandwidth,
etc.) seam to limit the bandwidth a particular user has access to. I
have tried using this and then limiting the number of requests
accepted. While this does limit the bandwidth it also drops requests.
Am I using these modules incorectly or is there another way to limit
the bandwidth available to the server? I would be fine with limiting
the bandwidth of the box entirely. The only thing running on it is
apache, but it needs to get cut down somehow.


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