Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0- need to run "last login" report

Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0- need to run "last login" report

Post by bbcr.. » Sat, 11 May 2002 22:52:20

I'm looking at an ancient Netscape server, NES 2.0 on HP.UX.  It's a
secure server running SSL and has a very small website on it.  All I
need to do is run a report to show when the last time each of the
users in the users.db database logged into the system.

Since the server is so old and the documentation we have on it is
limited, I have had real problems findind out how to run this report.
Can anyone stretch their memory back to NES 2.0 and remember how to
run this report or even what log files this information is stored on?

(Yes we're upgrading)




1. Netscape Enterprise Server: filtering ".." & "//"

I posted this a few days ago and received no answers. so perhaps it
never left out site, so I am posting this again. My apologies if you see
this twice.  :-)

We installed the Netscape Enterprise server and to our horror,
discovered that the server filtered out all URLs that had within them
either ".." or "//". Now there is a directive in the file obj.conf
        PathCheck fn="unix-uri-clean"

that if removed from this file will allow URLs with ".." & "//" to be
serviced. But again to our horror, the server then had no problem
allowing users to go above document root!! We had previously used the
NCSA server and this server allowed ".." & "//" but also stopped any
requests above document root. So, is there any way we can get the
Enterprise server to allow ".." & "//" but not allow any request above
document root? Do I have to write a plug in? If so, does anyone have any
example code I may reuse or at least look at?

  David Dymm

  304 284-9000

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