Apache 1.2.4 + Solaris 2.4: Error 0

Apache 1.2.4 + Solaris 2.4: Error 0

Post by Alexander Zhuko » Fri, 10 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Configuration: Apache 1.2.4 (compiled via gcc, standard
configuration), Solaris 2.4 (with kernel patch 101945-51).
Symptoms: on slow links many transfers have a break with "Error 0"
message in error log and only
8192 bytes transferred .When I have increased tcp_xmit_hiwat to 32K,
this number increased to
32K, too.
What does it mean?  With 1.1x, I have never seen "Error 0" messages.
When I simply break my transfer on slow link, Apache writes to the log
send body lost connection to XXXX ,
with no "Error 0" or "Broken pipe" messages.


1. Solaris 2.4, Oracle, inodes, bus errors, and I/O errors

Using Solaris 2.4 on a 20 with Oracle.  Oracle has been running on this
machine for over a year.  Typically it has been pretty reliable - Until the
new year.

Lately we are receiving messages that file systems are full when they are not.
We receive messages that the /opt filesystem is out of inodes when df -e
indicates that there are over 400,000 free.
And any executable we run from /opt returns a bus error.
If we change directories into /opt we randomly receive "No device or Bad
Address" messages when navigating into subdirectories.

When these messages begin, Oracle returns "EOF on communication channel"
errors when trying to connect remote through SQLNet V2.  Oracle/Solaris
returns "Bus error" messages when trying to connect from the server itself.

After a reboot the messages go away then return 2 to 8 hours later.  It seems
to be Oracle usage related but no pattern has been established.

Any thoughts ?
Is it Oracle ? Solaris ? Hardware ?


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