Rerouting http-requests ?

Rerouting http-requests ?

Post by Peter Wyd » Thu, 03 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hello everybody...

I have a little problem to solve for you wizzes...

Situation :

a running httpd on a machine called ''
a second machine called '' which is supposed to run a httpd...

now...i can't get the second httpd to work, cause i just can use precompiled
binaries on that second machine due to missing compilers and libraries...

now my idea is to somehow reroute the requests for the test2-machine to a
second httpd running on the test1-machine...

any ideas ????
any hints ????
any solutions ????


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1. Apache Proxy server that will transform an HTTP request in a HTTPS request


I'm looking for a software solution that can receive an HTTP request
and forwarding or proxying it in HTTPS.

For example : An application that makes https request but that can't
make https, will go through an Apache proxy that will encrypt the HTTP
request for the application and forward the request to the secure site
that will reply the same way.

 _____________              __________              ________
|             |            |          |            |        |
| Application | - HTTP --> | Apache   | - HTTPS -->| Secure |
|             |            | Proxy (?)|            | Site   |  
|_____________|            |__________|            |________|

IT's a bit like a SSL accelerator but working on the opposite way.

Is it possible with Apache ? How is it possible ? mod_ssl + mod_proxy

Thank you for your help.


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