Java-modules for Apache?

Java-modules for Apache?

Post by Richard Smo » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hello there,

I love Apache and I love Java.... so I wondered when those two will get
together. Right now I am making CGIs in Java, but I'd rather have the httpd
deal with Java-stuff internally (like, for instance, Jeeves does).

Will there be Java-functionality included with Apache sometime soon? I sure
hope so...




1. New Java Module for Apache

I'd like to announce a new, and of course free, module for Apache
webservers for running Java server-side applications (CGI). The module
allows developers who are used to writing CGI in languages like Perl and
C to write in Java and call them directly. Previously you could run Java
CGIs but not without cumbersome wrapper scripts to handle the java
interpreter and classpath. This module gives developers the freedom to
create CGI apps in Java without any special APIs, wrappers or daemons.
Just recompile your webserver with the module, configure it with it your
favorite Java VM (jdk, jit etc) and classpath and restart. That's it.
The module is free and carries GNU copyright restrictions. I hope that
this module is useful for people who have been doing CGI in other
languages and want to switch to Java.

For more information (and to download) go to:

John Carnahan

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