Dinamic configuration files with Netscape server

Dinamic configuration files with Netscape server

Post by Albert Rybalk » Tue, 17 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Pretty obvious situation:
Dinamic configuration is enabled with descent, in the top level
directory config file denies all unauthorized accesses:
        <Files *>
        RequireAuth userfile=passwd.foo realm=Administrator
When it needed to allow unauthorized access in some subdirectory,
config file in this subdirectory:
        <Files *.htm>
        RequireAuth userfile=nul
produces an error. Any idea how make it work? Or how to change user
authorization later?

Also, wildcard pattern with ~ (logical not) seems to not work, for
        <Files *~htm>
doesn't match any filename ending with htm. Is it a valid sintax?

I have got the Netscape server under education program for free and certainly
without any documentation. Please share your knowledge if you can.



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Hey people,

While it seems obvious to use the browser based configuration of
the netscape web servers I understand that all configuration options
can also be set by simplly editing a file.. since my apache
config files are dynamically modified by scripts and Email filters
Im curious if thew same thing can be done fir the netscape servers.. ie
are all the options that can be configured with the browser represented
in some (plaintext, I hope) config file I can generate with a script ?
(oh, and if so, .. _where_ are they !? )


(at this point I use apache, but several of my clients have asked if
I can do the same things I do with apaqche with their netscape servers)

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