Problem starting catalog agent on Enterprise 2 and 3

Problem starting catalog agent on Enterprise 2 and 3

Post by Kevin Terne » Fri, 19 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Is there some trick to starting the catalog agent on Enterprise?
I've tried on Enterprise 2.01 and 3.01 on HP-UX 10.10.
I think I've followed the directions pretty carefully.  I restarted
both the admin and public servers but nothing happens at the scheduled
time.  Trying to run it manually get me a "Success!  The robot has
started up" message.

But checking the status on 2.01 indicates that
the robot has never run.  http://www1/catalog gives me a Not Found
message in the left frame and just a header in the right frame.

Checking the status on 3.01 always shows that the robot has run right
after a manual start but finished.  The values for all attributes are 0
excepts spawned=1 and filtered-at-metadata=2.  http://www2/catalog shows
the right thing in each frame.  But all the catagories, "All Documents
Sorted by [Title,Class,Author,...]" are empty as if no documents were

I got rid of my robots.txt file in case that was causing a problem.
My configuration has "/" as a starting directory and no authentication
is needed anywhere on my server.  I blew open the permissions on the
netscape/suitespot/https-www2/catalog directory and files within...

Any suggestions are appreciated!



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When I try to manually start the Catalog Agent using the "Control
Catalog Agent" window (from AutoCatalog -> Manually Control), I get
the following error:

This host ( is not the server host ( is the real name of our server, while is an alias for it! Except for this
AutoCatalog server failure, html files are served without problems
through Does anybody know if this is a bug in
the netscape server, or if I have a wrong configuration.

We have the Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0 for Solaris 2.5.


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