apache 1.3.3 hangs; unable to kill children

apache 1.3.3 hangs; unable to kill children

Post by Marc Slemk » Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:00:00

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>Digital Unix 4.0B (problem may not be exclusive to DU)
>Apache 1.3.3
>Apache hangs, browsers receive no response for over 2 minutes or more.
>Can only kill the root httpd process, unable to kill children:  kill -9 PID
>completes without errors, but the processes do not die.  Trying to page
>the access_log freezes the terminal session, unable to kill 'tail' or 'less'
>that is used to look at the log.
>'ps auwx' returns all httpd and relevant tail processes marked as 'U' -
>uninterruptable sleeping process.  i am not sure if this is at all relevant
>to the problem described above.

Are you using NFS?

If so, do you have a LockFile directive pointing to a local drive?


1. Killing a child process if it hangs

I have a script which spawns some 20-100 child processes which run
scripts on remote systems. Sometimes, some of the children hang
(e.g. because of NFS/network problems). Moreover, I must check
400 hosts with 5-20 at a time.

What I need is a way to wait for a certain time (say 2 minutes)
and then kill the hanging children (and all child processes) with -9
(okokok... with kill ; sleep ; kill -9 >2 /dev/null :-).

My first solution was this:

    child | sleep 120 &

that effectively kills the child but not its children (and it has
the minor problem that I have lots of sleeps idling around).

Something like

    run work child
    run timeout child

and whichever finishes first kills the other away but how do I tell
the work child the PID of the timeout child ? I could write the
PIDs in temporary files but what if the FS is full ? and how about
races ?

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