Apache and webfilenames include umlaut

Apache and webfilenames include umlaut

Post by Apach » Tue, 20 Nov 2001 02:27:59


we are currently running ms-iis4 for our customers homepages.

now we would like transfer the homepages from this
iis to our new apache 1.3.x on unix. in the period of tests we have
checked, that our customers have created filenames with
umlaut (?,,?) and apache does not view correct on all
browsers (ie or netscape).

can apache 1.3.x so configured, that umlaut would also allways
correct supportet ?

an other question:
can apache configured, that case-sensitivity to webspace-filenames
will be ignored and the filename in a html-code would allways
can correct retrieved if the file is present on the webspace ?

thanks for any help!