Analog on OS/390

Analog on OS/390

Post by crct.. » Thu, 30 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone used the product Analog (web statistics) on the OS390

I am trying to find some installation documentation for Analog on the
OS/390 platform. I have downloaded the OS/390 tar file from, and it
references documentation at
Unfortunately  there is no reference to OS/390 platform installation
instructions on this page.

Was looking for information on the steps required to install the
product,  where the configuration files are located, permissions
required, etc.

The installation documentation at  lists
directions for MAC, Windows, OS2, and Everyone Else (Solaris, HP, Sun,
etc) but none for OS/390. If downloaded the tar file from the OS/390
page but cannot locate the analog.cfg file to start the

I have also subscribed to the analog-help subscription.

Thank you

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The trouble is 'special characters' (i.e. ascii values above 127 - the
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