Beginner Perl/CGI

Beginner Perl/CGI

Post by Mark Schwart » Wed, 05 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I am running Red Hat Linux 4.0, Apache 1.1.1., Perl 5.003., Netscape

I have written a simple HTML doc and a simple CGI script (in Perl).
Here is the problem:

In the calling html doc, if I use <FORM METHOD="GET" ....> the CGI
script that gets called by the html doc is displayed as 'raw' text --
and I do mean the ENTIRE CGI script, not just the html code that should
be returned.  Also, the values that the html doc passes to the CGI
script are correctly displayed in the title bar, so I know the values
that I am passing, via radio buttons and check boxes, are correct.

If I change "GET" to "POST", then nothing is returned!  The Perl scripts
all run without error from the command line.  I originally posted this
problem to a Perl group, but they seem to think that my server may be

I'm REAL new to this, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Mark Schwartz

P.S.  I have documentation for the various .conf files for the NCSA
server, but I don't see anything that would explain why GET semi-works
but POST fails to work at all.


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contains any entry... and in fact, under Apache2 it does! :-(
We don't know if this is a change in behaviour on behalf of the
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Does anybody out there has an answer to the question how we can get
back to the old behaviour? Or is this completely impossible?

Thanks in advance, best regards,
J?rn Janoschek.

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