cgi-bin access with .cgi file

cgi-bin access with .cgi file

Post by Bob Mc We » Wed, 25 Dec 1996 04:00:00

        I have been reading the doc's on apache to see how I can allow users to
run cgi scripts from there directory with out giving them direct access
to our cgi-bin directory. I thought I read some place that the user
could define .cgi in there home directory and the apache would run it as
if it were in the cgi-bin directory. The apache I am trying this on I
believe is 1.1.5 . I also have another server I am testing 1.2b1 on .
Any help on this matter would be great, is there something I have to do
to apache to get this to work that I may have missed.
Thanks & happy holidays


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I've been seeing a number of attacks of this sort recently
from various sites in the http logs.  The time correlation
between the logs on various hosts suggests that the attacker
was scanning sequentially upward in IP addresses.  Since all
tcp and udp packets to ports below 1024 except for http,
smtp, and ident are filtered out for most, including the
attacking, sites, I'm not seeing anything else in the logs. - - [04/Jul/1998:07:19:27 -0500] "GET /cgi-bin/phf" 404 - - - [04/Jul/1998:07:19:28 -0500] "GET /cgi-bin/test-cgi" 404 - - - [04/Jul/1998:07:19:28 -0500] "GET /cgi-bin/handler" 404 -

Is this a signature of some known attackware?  If so, what
other attacks accompany these http probes?


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