apache module: send custom error text: how?

apache module: send custom error text: how?

Post by Rahul Dhe » Tue, 11 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I am looking for hints on how to achieve the following from
within an Apache module:

When the module's "check access" function decides that access should not
be permitted, it should send back a HTTP_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE error code
to the client, and also print customized text for the message.  This
should be done without sending back a redirect, so that the client's
browser shows the original URL, not a new redirected URL.

Sending HTTP_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE is easy, but how do we send back
customized text?  I know that you can specify an ErrorDocument in the
server config or a .htaccess file, but is there any way of doing this
from within a module?

Also, where could I have obtained the above information, other than by
examining the Apache source code?


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On Sat, 18 Mar 2000 12:36:53 +0100, "Konstantinos Antoniadis (Kosta)

Ciao Konstantinos, can you be more exact?

Have you disabled shtml management from JRun (under httpd.conf you set
a file for jrun rules: you gotta modify this file by commenting with a
'#' the line containing the ssi_filter specify)

Hope this help

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