NCSA httpd socket problem, limit 8 users?

NCSA httpd socket problem, limit 8 users?

Post by John Lawson - art-undergrad studen » Thu, 05 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hello !

Here's my story:
httpd 1.4
IRIX 5.3
SGI Indigo

The Problem: I take care a very popular Web site called the File Room  ( good luck! )
that's currantly having problems with access. It seems that its httpd
port ( 80 ) will only accept 8 connects at a time whe connedted to
the Net on port 80. I Have no clue why, but when there are already
eight users getting docs, you can't get in ( netstat -a ).
Heres a funny clue: When I pulled the Net wire phisically out of the
machine and restarted the server, I was able to run as many mosaics,
netscapes, and lynxs accessing stuff from the server that I wanted to
( localy of course, but not using "localhost" ) at the same time!

AND ITS DRIVING ME MAD! This little side project of mine has turned
into a full time occupation! Any ideas would be appreciated.



1. User Limit on Authentication for NCSA httpd?

I'm using NCSA server at my provider and have 4500 users registered for
authentication. The first third work properly, but the rest return an
access denied, with an error log message:

[Thu Aug 24 19:16:06 1995] authorization: user USERNAME denied

where USERNAME is the username. Is there a timeout value for the server,
or is it incapable of reading/processing large .htpasswd/.htgroup files?
If so, what is the workaround? I tried dividing up the .htgroup file into
separate lines so all the users were not on the same line, but then the
server couldn't process the information correctly for users not on the
first line of the group definition.


David H. Bluestein II
Project Manager
Interactive Internet

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