NS Enterprise 2.01 > 3.01 server migration

NS Enterprise 2.01 > 3.01 server migration

Post by Doug Geist » Tue, 21 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I'm attempting to migrate my 2.01 setting and such to 3.01. If I select
Migrate from Previous Version, I put in my server directory, then it
allows me to select Import 2.x server info. Then after hitting Import, a
messages states:

Can't create /www/server/server301/https-neptune: File exists

I mean, of course the file exists since that's the server name. But why
won't it update it or whatever it needs to do to it?

A little background: My 2.01 server is installed on a filesystem
/www/server. When I installed the new server, I installed it into
/www/server/server301 to keep them seperate. I would like to keep both
servers running and put all the 2.01 directories into
/www/server/server201 (yet another questions of how to properly
accomplish this).


3M Health Information Systems
Wallingford, CT. USA


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