Apache mime.types question

Apache mime.types question

Post by C.J. Uriart » Thu, 21 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I assume that you want to activate the mime types so a user can click on
a link and download a file, or launch an external reader, as apposed to
displaying the binary garbage within the browser.

First, cd to {Web Server Home}/conf.  Edit the mime.types file and add the
following line to the file (the mime types are in alpha order, but it
really doesn't matter):

application/msexcel              xls

Turth is, if you just want a user to download a file, what is in the
lefthand column really doesn't matter most of the time.  If you want them
to launch an exteral viewer or do something special with it after they get
it, then the left hand colum should conform to the standard browser mime
types.  Most of which can be viewed (in netscape, at least) by going to
Options:General Preferences:Helpers.  You'll see a list of mime types an
associated file extentions which either existed when you installed the
browser, or were added when you installed additional applications/plugins
to your system.

You will have to restart you web server to reflect the chages to the
mime.types file.

Good luck!

Quote:> Hello,
>    Can someone point me in the direction
> of some docs on how to set up the
> mime.types file for Apache. In specific
> I want to add xls files and sam files among
> others. A specification of the known
> types (or whatever the correct terminology
> is) would be good.


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