Teach me that setting CGI & SSI configulation on apache

Teach me that setting CGI & SSI configulation on apache

Post by TekTe » Wed, 22 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Hello!WWW gurus!
Excuse me but,Could you tell me how to set CGI & SSI of the configulation
on apache?
I have been used OS is FreeBSD 1.2.1 and Seversoft is apache1.2.2.
I don't know how to configulate.

Sorry ,
I'm good at writing in English.


1. Apache: Setting SSI variable by CGI?

Problem: I have an Apache SSI web page that needs to reproduce a single
item from the QUERY_STRING numerous times in the page. I can easily write
a CGI that returns the single item, and then use include virtual to
reproduce that item's value all over the page, but:

1. It seems overkill to do this more than once, and
2. I would really prefer that the footer for the page get the info out of
an environment variable, like it does for all my other pages, where I can
use #set var to pass the info along to included pages.

Is there a way to set a page's environment variables from a CGI, or from
the data returned by a CGI?

Example pages are:
which has the form just call a CGI which creates the page on the fly; I
would prefer something like:
which would use the same standard footer and header as the rest of my pages.

Basically, I want to do something like:

<!--#set var="wanted" value="term" -->
<!--#set var="title" value="<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/Search.cgi" -->" -->

And get the search term into the 'title' environment variable.

I've looked on Apache.org, Dejanews, and Perl.org for an answer. Does
anyone have any ideas? Version 1.2 is preferred, but if there is a
solution in 1.3 I can start requesting an upgrade at my provider.


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