Apache- Non-IP Virtual Hosts

Apache- Non-IP Virtual Hosts

Post by S. William Schul » Tue, 04 Mar 1997 04:00:00


I have a question about VirtualHost'ing options on Apache 1.1.3.  I have
had success using the <VirtualHost> option without a dedicated IP (yes,
I know the pros and cons) for non-critical domain hosting.

This has worked well for for www.domain.com however, I would like the
domain to be accessible via either domain.com and www.domain.com. I have
read the relevant document at apache.org, and it states that I should
use the ServerAlias command within the VirtualHost tags.

I have tried the following:

<VirtualHost domain.com>
ServerAlias domain.com *.domain.com
...other stuff...

<VirtualHost www.domain.com>
ServerAlias domain.com *.domain.com
...other stuff...

The DNS records contain A records for both domain.com and www, both of
which point to the servers IP.

The above both yield the correct results when trying www.domain.com, but
return the servers main page when trying just domain.com.

Any ideas?


S. William Schulz


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I have been hosting a bunch of non-IP virtual hosts on my linux-apache 1.1.1.
This works great for everyone but people who use the AOL browser.  The AOL users
got to the main index.html file of the main host even if they ask for one of the
virtual hosts.  I have just installed apache 1.2b6 hoping that this problem is
an apache problem which has been solved in the new version.  Would you please
let me know if you have a fix for this problem or if 1.2b6 indeed solves the
problem?  Please send me an EMail since I rarely check this news group.

Many Thanks,
Homayoon Beigi

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