installing apache on freebsd

installing apache on freebsd

Post by Patrick C. Elliot » Fri, 19 Feb 1999 04:00:00

anyone get this error and know how to fix it?

Error: Cannot find SSL binaries in

      + SSL library path: [SYSTEM]
===>  Building for apache-1.3.4+mod_ssl-2.2.2
===> src
make: don't know how to make all. Stop
*** Error code 2

*** Error code 1


1. cannot install apache after installed frontpage 2000 patch apache


I am trying to install frontpage 2000 extension for apache using RedHat 6.1.
After installing the frontpage apache patch the apache web
server stopped working. I am trying trying to uninstall and start from
but now I cannot even install the apache web server
apache-devel-1.3.9-4.i386.rpm and
apache-1.3.9-4.i386.rpm. I doing command
   rpm -i apache-1.3.9-4.i386.rpm

That generates:
    error: apache-1.3.9-4.i386.rpm cannot be installed

How do I get back to know state uninstall frontpage apache patch and then
install apache from scratch ???

Any suggestions.

/ Bye

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