Undocumented error in Netscape Commerce 1.12 - non-HTTP compliant

Undocumented error in Netscape Commerce 1.12 - non-HTTP compliant

Post by Rhys Frederi » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00


we have been experiencing an annoying intermittant error when clients use our site. The error occurs
when they make use of an upload feature on the siste that uses the file upload input tag.

The site is configured as:

Sparc running solaris 2.5 with IP patches added
Netscape Commerce Server 1.12

On occasions, when trying to upload a file certain clients will receive the message "Your browser
sent a non-HTTP compliant message". This does not seem to be a standard HTTP error message, simply
some text that is returned down the connection. As such, there is no HTTP error header that I can

The web server logs the problem as:

[16/Dec/1996:14:54:06] info: for host {client IP hostname}, handle-request reports: read from
{client IP address} failed, error is Error 0.

where obviously the {client IP ...} stuff is replaced by the relevent details.

Is anyone familiar with this error? Is the error the fault of the network, the client, or the

Any info would be appreciated. So far the only thing I have found was a page mentioning the error
and Netscape commerce server, but the rest of the page was in japanese....




1. Netscape Windows NT Commerce and Communications Server 1.12 Now Available

Netscape Communications is proud to announce the availability of the
Netscape Windows NT Commerce and Communication Server Version 1.12.
This is a free update to all users.  This new version adds support for
WinCGI 1.1 and multiple domain names.  The commece server update fixes the
security problem found a few weeks ago in the Netscape server.

Existing users can download the update for the Communciations server from
the following url ftp://ftp.netscape.com/server/communications/NT_1.12update.

Export Commerce server users can download the update from the following url

Those who purchased the Netscape Commerce Server US version will recieve a CD
in the mail within 2 weeks.

The Netscape Test Drive and Educational Download areas have the new version
for those who want the full product.


David Pann
Netscape Communications
Server Marketing
501 E. Middlefield Rd.
Mtn. View, CA 94043

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