What interesting can be put on WWW?

What interesting can be put on WWW?

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I have set up a WWW server for my class. What interesting thing
can I put on it? games, info, search...

Please refer me to further and deeper and more specific example
or download sites. Thanks

Please email back up so I would not miss your advice.


1. I am putting a lot of honey this time- want a media player download

Use xine or mplayer, they are far more better than m$-media-player,
if you are using redhat, everything you need to download is
in freshrpms.

I'm an average user, I had been using xine and m$-media-player
for many years, I found that:
1. m$-media-player can't play some vcd with protection, but linux can.
(I'm an average user, I don't know and don't care what kind of protection
is it. Linux can, windows can't, so linux is better)
2. m$-media-player can't play most of vcd ripped from dvd with linux-dvd-ripper,
but linux can play most of the vcd ripped from dvd with windows-dvd-ripper.
3. Respond time in xine is shorter than m$-media-player
in open vcd, forward, backward.
4. I can run other application in a resonable speed while watching movie
in linux, but i better stop doing other things while using m$-media-player.
5. If the movie hang up, I can easily kill the process in linux,
but 90% of the chance in windows, I had to reboot to remove the
m$-media-player hang up status.

So, I prefer linux to watch movie on computer.

Please forgive me for my poor English
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