proxy mod FTP fix?

proxy mod FTP fix?

Post by Bob Vanc » Thu, 24 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone have, or know of, a hack/fix to the mod_proxy.c module that
fixes its inability to serve correctly as an ftp proxy?  I have Apache
running on a firewall, with  users behind it on IP netaddr
(RFC1597).  The  proxy works great for http, but the module cannot handle
ftp://  URIs.
Perhaps another, separate proxy for just ftp would work?  Any ideas would
be appreciated?


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1. Mod proxy or mod rewrite?


I'm trying to get the following to work, and I'm not sure how to go
about it (or if it's possible).

I'm hosting a web site ( which is not in my domain
( The domain hosting company for "" is
forwarding to
http// When someone goes to the site, I'd
like them to *see* (the original URL) rather

I've set up a virtual host in Apache for and I have
a DNS zone set up for on my machine. If I go to from my machine, I get the correct page and
the URL in my browser's location field is,
which is what I want. However, I haven't been able to set things up so
that if I type I see

I guess what I'm thinking is that when the original URL is forwarded to
my web server, Apache would forward or re-write that URL to the original
URL, which my machine's DNS would resolve locally and send back to
Apache which would handle it via the virtual host setup.

I've fooled around a little with mod_rewrite and mod_proxy but haven't
gotten it to work. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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