APACHE 0.8.11-Imagemap Configuration Problem

APACHE 0.8.11-Imagemap Configuration Problem

Post by Tom » Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Our server is not properly handling imagemaps.
According to Apache doc, we have compiled the module,
mod_imap, into the server (this was the default), and
the line, "AddType application/x-httpd-imap map" is
uncommented in srm.conf.  Nothing looks unusual in
the .map file.  Yet, when we click on the map, the
netscape browser returns "Server Error, the server
encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and
was unable to complete the request."

      Has anyone seen this before.

  Thanks for any help,


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I have gone through some of the documentation that comes with the
release and also at www.apache.org/docs. I just haven't been able to get
it to work.

Any tips you can give me will be appreciated.


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