apache cmpilation problem with Jserv module

apache cmpilation problem with Jserv module

Post by cha.. » Wed, 24 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I compiled apache 1.3.9 fine the first time. Then I compiled Jserv fine
as well and I copied all the c files to modules/extra.
Now I want to compile apache with jserv added as a module
I do configure it goes OK but when I say make, I get an error saying
that modules/extra/libextra.a unable to find file or directory.
What is libextra.a  and why apache is expecting it to be there?

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1. Problems adding Apache JServ module to Apache Web Server as a Dynamic Shared Object

Please someone help!!!

I am trying to add Apache Jserv as a dynamic
shared object to the Apache Web Server 1.3.9.

I have installed the binary Apache Web Server and
checked that it has DSO support enabled by
looking for mod_so.c when I ran httpd -l from
within the Apache bin directory.

Apache is running fine (I get a congratulations
page when I go to http://hostname with a web

I ran the configure script for Apache JServ with
the following options

I then ran make ; make install.  This created the
docs directory in /cimage/jserv and
ApacheJServ.jar and mod_jserv.so
in /cimage/apache/libexec

I then restarted apachectl which complained about
the line which loads mod_jserv.so

apachectl restart: httpd not running, trying to
Syntax error on line 238
of /cimage/apache/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /cimage/apache/libexec/mod_jserv.so
into server: ld.so.1: /cimage/ap
fatal: /cimage/apache/libexec/mod_jserv.so:
unknown file type
apachectl restart: httpd could not be started

However when running file against mod_jserv.so it
says 'current ar archive, not a dynamic
executable or shared object'

What have I done wrong?

Thanks in advance


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