Apache 1.2 BETAs and AmigaUNIX SVR4

Apache 1.2 BETAs and AmigaUNIX SVR4

Post by m.. » Sun, 29 Dec 1996 04:00:00

        One of my servers on the internet is an Amiga3000 running AmigaUNIX
SVR4 2.0 and I have gotten all releases of Apache up to 1.1 to compile and run
on it except the current BEAT version.  Has anyone gotten it to compile and
run in AmigaUNIX?  I know it will compile if enough work is given into it
but before I even try it, I would like to know if anyone out there has it
done already so to save myself a lot of time.



1. RiscBSD Beta 1.2


For a xmas present, I got Datafile's PDCD4 with RiscBSD Beta 1.2.
NetBSD port.
I am completely ignorant about unix but thought I would give it
a try. After setting up the software and hardware side of things,
I'm having a few problems (my ignorance mostly). Most of the programs
don't run with error messages like : read-only-system. How do I change

After installing x11r6, I cannot get it to run. CD'ing into x11 does
not work. startx command fails.

If anyone can point me to a web page, FAQ or even email some text
that will help me familiarise myself with unix and it's associated
commands and programs, I would be very gratefull.

... Bad command or file name!  Go stand in the corner.

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