SGI/Netsite & virtual Apache

SGI/Netsite & virtual Apache

Post by Alan Si » Sat, 27 Jan 1996 04:00:00

 Greetings, we currently run the Netsite server on the SGI indy...
Have compiled Apache, and it works well, virtual hosting and all.
As Netsite does image maps easier, we want to run that as primary
server, but use Apache for virtual domains.  Using Netsite for
virtual domains requires multiple config/multiple servers running.

However, can't find a way to use Apache as virtual ONLY, it wants
"something" to bind to on port:80, with the primary IP address.
Anyone found a way to get around this ?

The Apache config makes it attractive as a single server for multiple
domains, as compared to having to run multiple Netsites (one for each
virtual host) - It would be nice to have both on same box...   /;^)


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