redirect hostname alias, netscape?

redirect hostname alias, netscape?

Post by Patrick Robi » Thu, 21 May 1998 04:00:00

We run Netscape server 2.01. on Unix

We have a host alias we have been keeping around
for historical reasons. We want to remove this host name
alias eventually so we want to have pages refering to this
alias to point to a message page.


our server /etc/hosts entry looks something like this    wwwserv oldname

now we want to have http://oldname bring up a message page
but we want http://wwwserv to behave normally.

Any ideas welcome




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We're using the Netscape Commerce Server, and some of the departments
at our site have complained to our web guy about the lengths of the
URLs they have to use to advertise their pages.  Our web guy wants to
maintain his directory structure and still provide alternate shorter
URL names.

For example:

                 Would Point To:

Being a UNIX guy, my first thought was to put a link in the document
root directory which points to the longer file path.  This almost works,
but since our web guy uses relative addressing for graphics, the
graphics aren't appearing when the page is referenced using the link.

We also tried to use the server's "map a URL to a local directory"
feature, but ended up with the exact same results.

Lastly we tried using the <meta http-equiv="refresh" content=5;url=blah">
thing, but that only works on certain browsers, and we're looking for
a solution that works for all browsers.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated,
Rocky Giannini
UMUC Unix and VMS Systems

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